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The Technologie & Zorg Academie (TZA, or Twente Care Academy) is an innovative centre for vocational learning, testing and training relating to care technology and applications geared to home care in the Dutch region of Twente.

The TZA is a cooperative association of (care) organisations, government and education.

In an innovative environment, citizens, students, professionals and interested parties can familiarise themselves with developments aimed at preserving independence and self-reliance in home-care settings.


Care technology for your home

Remote care, domotics, home examinations, (care) robotics, digital portals, sensors, smart medicine delivery – the use of care technology is growing explosively. Professionals and care organisations are being confronted ever more often with these developments, and are increasingly using them too.

Home carers are also discovering that care technology makes it easier to support the person in their care. The TZA was set up to increase awareness of the possibilities of care technology.


TZA apartment

In Enschede, the TZA has kitted out an apartment with all sorts of products in the area of care technology. This allows you to experience which solutions are available to facilitate independent and safe living.

Do you have a limitation or are you restricted by old age in your desire to remain in your own familiar surroundings? Then care technology will enable you to live comfortably, safely and independently. In the apartment you will find all sorts of smart solutions for the bathroom, the kitchen and for your living and sleeping areas.

Anyone may visit the apartment by appointment.


The Academy

For students and (care) professionals, the Technology and Care Academy is a place to follow an innovative internship, introduce yourself to care technology during the themed meetings or follow training courses. We also offer individualised courses for (care) professionals and inspiration and strategy sessions for businesses, local municipalities and (care) organisations.

We show you how you can use care technology in practice to make your client’s life more pleasant or safer. Or to help someone remotely.

With its apartment, the study areas, in-house training courses and the option to provide in-company training, the Academy is a full-fledged and accredited centre for vocational learning, testing and training.

The TZA Knowledge Network

The TZA has an online and offline knowledge network for professionals from the affiliated members in education, (care) companies and governmental organisations.

The knowledge network brings professionals together for inspiration and innovation. It runs on the basis of interactive sessions, presentations and discussions. We inform one another about existing or new pilots using care technology. Together we test innovative products for their user-friendliness and user experience in a realistic care setting.

For all visitors, students and professionals, we have the themed days, conferences and open days.

You are free to interact with us on social media.

Or register for our newsletter via our website at

Let's share the knowledge and enthusiasm for care technology together!


The Living Lab

As developer of care technology, you want to bring the best product to market.

It has to be effective and easy to use and especially valued by users. With its accessible Living Lab, the TZA gives you the opportunity to test and to innovate. As a network organisation of (care) businesses, government and education, we supply the space, the test expertise and of course an appropriate group of users.

If required we will also involve home carers, professionals and students in the testing.

Contact us and we'll carry out an obligation-free intake.


Lending Service (trial lab)

Members may also use our Lending Service (trial lab) to test existing or new products in the working situation.

Products from TZA-affiliated suppliers may be borrowed for a short period. This way you can test whether a certain product reflects the needs of a client or citizen.

Or experience with your team how care technology lightens your workload. If you are interested, then request the lending list and the Terms & Conditions via



There are different ways for you to join in.

Become a donor, client or member of our cooperative association, test products or participate in our community. Want to know more? Send us an email or call us!

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For  more  information,  please  contact:  
Eric  Wolkotte,  director  TZA
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